Facebook is an exciting medium. In today’s competitive atmosphere, Facebook Automotive SEO can be a key component in structuring a good foundation for website marketing success. Everyone generally seems to understand that carried out “on Facebook,” but a small number of people know about why in addition to to mention that it is “where your consumers are” or “you’re losing out on free advertising” or “its the best exciting advertising vertical in history”.

Because on the absence of practical information on self education, many business owners find themselves jumping from vendor to vendor spending quite a bit of money but not feeling likely getting what they’re purchasing. The truth is, most never know what precisely it is actually which are purchasing.

Is Social media marketing a fad?

? Over 50% of the world’s population is under Three decades old, 96% of Millennials have joined a Social media.

? Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic from the US

? 1 from 5 couples married in america met via SOCIAL MEDIA

? US Department of Education study revealed that online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction..

? 80% of companies use Social media marketing for recruitment..

? You will discover over 200,000,000 Blogs..34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands

? 24 of your 25 largest newspaper are receiving record declines in circulation..

? WE no more look for excellent, good news finds us..

? We are going to no longer hunt for products they’re going to find us via SOCIAL MEDIA

Social Media is not a fad, it’s a fundamental transfer of how we communicate.

Why facebook marketing?

? Years to achieve 50 million users.

Radio – 38 years, TV – 13 yeras, Internet – Four years, ipod – A couple of years..

FACEBOOK added over 200 million users in less than a YEAR…

? Today Facebook has over 150 Million active US accounts..75 Million of such people register every day..Which means about 1/4 the whole US population, has signed into FACEBOOK..Every one of these people spend 210 Billion minutes on Facebook..That’s roughly 400,000 YEARS!!!

? 60 million status updates happen on facebook daily

? You can find over 900 Million objects that folks can interact with..

? The typical Facebook user has 130 friends..the regular facebook user is connected to 80 pages..The average Facebook user creates 90 bits of content each month..collectively that more than 30 Billion..

? 75 Million US accounts build relationships with FACEBOOK via external websites..

? Greater than 2.5 Million websites have integrated with facebook including 80 of comscores best players US websites

? There are far more than 60 Million people in the US accessing facebook using cellular phones..

Impressive Stats!!!! But how much does this means back being a Dealer?

It means that on average you will discover 3 Million people within your local market on facebook and 50 % of options are on facebook Now..What if you could possibly market them Today..Tomorrow..or EVERYDAY? What happens if you could do this to the extent the fact that consumer never realizes they’re being marketed to? Let’s say you do not reach them Today..Tomorrow..ever? Imagine you continue pretending SOCIAL MEDIA can be a fad? Would you like to survive? 2381 other new car franchises thought also at the beginning of 2008 ..

? 78% of shoppers trust peer recommendations than advertisements..

? Only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a confident ROI.

? 90% of men and women skip ads via Tivo/DVR..

The ROI of Social networking can be your business will happens to Five-years

Automotive Facebook Marketing continues to be very new. There are various companies and “guru’s” on the market claiming to generate results. Yet, many organisations continue to be undecided about if they should “be on Facebook”. The simple truth is, you’re already on Facebook because that is certainly where your consumers are. Whether or not you decide to create the official presence in your clients are irrelevant. Your people are planning to speak about you. You must have a name and establish a Facebook internet marketing strategy to become element of that conversation.

Are you there? Are you still believe Social networking is actually a fad?

For more information you must see – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3aYTuJBbjc