Video outsells print articles up to 600%. You better believe it 600%. Wouldn’t you will want a portion of that traffic going to your site daily for free? Obviously you’d probably. But Nelson, I am a shy video marketer. Learn how to overcome article marketing shyness?

No worries! I have got you covered.

What I will give you will probably be so simple, you will be a movie marketing machine producing, recording, uploading and syndicating your videos within an hour or less. First an index of tools.

Tools You Need

1. Microsoft PowerPoint or Impress (Free Presentation Software at
2. Headset with Microphone (I exploit a Plantronics Audio 626 DSP)
3. Camstudio (Free download at

Once you have your tools, all you want do now’s decide what topic your planning to discuss which will deliver value in your niche. For example

1. Personal Development

So a lot of people skip this important step and wonder why they are not having success in anything they certainly. Anything regarding mindset, belief, procrastination, encouragement, motivation. People can’t ever get consequently this sort of content.

2. MLM Lead Generation

You can certainly produce a group of Ways to videos on different lead generating techniques that work for you personally whilst your team. For instance, 3 Ways Make the most of Facebook To create Leads

3. MLM Company Reviews

Create videos reviewing other Mlm marketing companies rather than one you’re currently affiliated with. Discuss things like just what does the corporation sell, leadership, how much time the company’s been in business and/or something concerning pay plan.
So here’s how we breakdown the process

Write Out What Your About to Say

OK now you have chosen what your video is going to cover. Write this short article on which you’ll discuss for your video. Now stop working your article into it’s main bullet points that you’d like to note with your video.

Create Your Slide Presentation

Enter them for a PowerPoint slide or Impress slide. Consider your last presentation slide really should have a phone call to action which means that your audience comments and rates your video but moreover instruct the crooks to check out a keyword rich link to take the theifs to your internet site to find out more.

Record Your Video

Start recording your slide presentation making use of the free download you were given from With the headset or webcam microphone (headsets sound better) record your voice because you discuss what you have on your slide presentation.

Upload Your Video

Open a forex account on YouTube, occurs personal name or business name to your account name. Remember you are branding yourself. Select the upload button and upload your file through the harddisk. Have an breathtaking title having a targeted keyword. Put a link aimed at your website within the description box, add tags (aka: keywords). You should definitely select the Save button as soon as your done inputting this info.

Syndicate Your Video

Open a forex account on and blast your video to approximately 15 different video and social networking sites over the internet. All free of charge. Yes its true! FREE BABY!!! After creating your, do the following

1. Visit & click on the Upload Video button
2. Browse for your video file and select video
3. Click Upload
4. Go in your Title, description information, tags
5. Go through the green Upload button for the bottom
6. Create other free accounts for the various video & social networks.
7. Enter your money name & password for every site you would like to submit a movie to
8. Click on the Launch button at the base.

You can not have enough traffic visiting our sites. For me, by far the most traffic generating free strategy that’s available now is social video marketing. Now focus and dedicate yourself to this online strategy when getting your site content and message outside in the net.

Challenge yourself and perform a video on a daily basis for 1 month. Yes you want to do the repair to have success, but when credit card debt negotiation getting noticed, people will frequent your web site each day. Remember its all free visitors returning to your internet site. Have a great time, be genuine and obtain the videos done consistently and you’ll have much traffic traveling to your web blog, you should have more leads than time. That’s often a good problem to acquire.

Be blessed my good friend!